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Katherine hot Springs

sunny 32 °C

We are still at The Big 4 At Katherine. Very homely indeed.

Katherine Hot Springs at our back door!

Katherine Hot Springs at our back door!

We hop on our bikes every morning and ride 1 km to the Hot Springs. We spend the morning there talking to all the other Vaners until lunch time then we come back home for a dip in the pool and happy hour. Life is tuff but someone has to do it.

We did our bit for the nation and voted at Katherine by postal vote.

After voting we thought we should pick up some alcohole. The shop opens at 2.15pm daily and closes at 6.00pm. It was 2.10 and there were 50 people waiting for it to open. Tony waited in the car for me while I went in for 2 casks of wine. White for me and red for cooking and Tony. I search the shop for casks and all I could fine was 4 tyupes of 2 litre ones!! That is all you have to choose from. So I picked up one white and one red. The end of the queue to pay for it was in the cool room. The fifty people were all in front of me. I;m on holidays so what does it matter.. I meet some lovely travellers in the queue anyway. After 20 mins of waiting, this young 20 yo guy said Lady you have to choose which wine cask you want, you aren't allowed 2!!! Why?? It is the NT law!!! I want to drink the white and cook with the red. You can buy the white if you choose but if you want more wine you can buy as many bottles as you want, just not more cask wine. I asked him if I could buy one cask and put it in the car and come back and buy the other. He said NO as you have to give me your drivers licence and I scan it into the NT data base and register you buying a cask of wine today. This stops all other purchases untill tomorrow.! Bazaar!!! So he escorted me around the shop and I purchased a bottle of Merlot for cooking and a bottle of Burbon to add to the coke we have. I not going into another grog shop in the NT while I'm here. ( I don't want my name on the register anymore....

baby whale in the springs

baby whale in the springs

Lucky We went back for happy hour on rations!!!

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